A perfectly crafted book attracts your ideal audience,
and turns your readers into leads.

Leads you can capture and nurture to become paying Dream Clients.

We take you from Idea through to Bestselling Publication.

A marketing tool like no other.

Don't Waste Your Time and Money!

You Want to Write a Book, but You Don't Know Where to Start

When writing a book, it's so important to have the right tools and guidance to direct progress every step of the way.

You Understand the Power of a Book in Your Business

A well-written book that nurtures your readers and directs them to your business can be worth millions.

You Want the Status and Authority as an Expert in Your Field

Being a Bestselling Author in your niche provides elevated status and a greater platform, allowing you to really stand out.

We Know The True Potential of Your Book

We Know The
True Potential
of Your Book

Maximum Leads
Maximum Sales

Our unique Lead-Gen Editing and Crafting process ensures your book will be the very best version of itself. By baking in the perfect combination of lead-gen with the all-important transformational reader's journey, readers pay to become leads before being nurtured into high-ticket clients.

Don't Be
Just Another
Amazon Author

With our industry-leading global distribution network, your book will be made available to all key wholesalers, distributors and retailers worldwide, including (but not limited to) Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Chapters, Amazon, Target, Waterstones, Kindle, Gardners, Bertrams, and so many more.

Do Judge
a Book by
its Cover

Your book cover provides the first opportunity to hook in your ideal clients. Our copyrighted Cover Creation Code makes sure your book is judged for the right reasons and is aligned with your business's mission, your vision, and the journey of your reader from cover to cover.

It's Your Book
Keep It That Way!

We provide a turnkey publication service, complete with full rights and 100% royalties. This means we don't take a single dime from your royalties, nor do we retain any of the rights to your book. What's yours is yours, and that goes for every element of the book's design and content, inclusive of all files.

Is It
That important?

How you do one thing is how you do everything and your clients know this! If your book screams unprofessional, is littered with errors or lacks industry-standard layout and formatting, your prospects will assume your business reflects the same poor standards. The content itself won't even matter.

Why Onyx Publishing?

At Onyx publishing, we are proud to be an industry-leading, laser-focused, specialist non-fiction publisher. We know what it takes to create the perfect lead-generating non-fiction book for entrepreneurs and high-achieving business leaders. We know and understand the true value of a book does not come from monthly royalties, but from a perfectly crafted book’s ability to turn readers into highly qualified leads, generate high-ticket Dream Clients, and provide an abundance of high-level speaking events.

Our Mission

To help entrepreneurs and high-achieving business leaders create the perfect non-fiction, lead-generating, authority-leading, evergreen marketing tool.

The Model

To start is our unique, turnkey, hybrid publishing model. This means that, following your investment, we handle every aspect of your publication without taking any percentage of royalties or any rights to your book. We believe what is yours is yours. This is one of the main reasons why our hybrid publishing model is shaking up the publishing industry.

The Cover

Our Cover Creation Code was created to make sure that every single book we put into publication aligns with industry-leading standards. For your book to make sales, people first need to know they are buying a high-quality product. Your potential customers will judge your book by its cover. This is why we make sure all of our in-house cover designers are trained to create the perfect cover every single time.

The Typesetting

Once your readers buy your book, you need them to want to read it. Typesetting is an absolutely crucial but often overlooked stage of the publishing process. Here at Onyx, we know the importance of a professionally designed interior, complete with Index and Resources page, so that your readers come away impressed and have read every word.

Lead-Gen Editing and Analysis

In mind of your book making you money, our specialised Lead-Gen Editing process bakes in the perfect balance of subtle lead-generating material (interwoven without being salesy), coupled with a transformation reader’s journey. Only a few chapters in, your ideal clients/readers will be exploring signing up to your mailing list, joining your programs, booking you for speaking events, and even scheduling calls to discuss your high-ticket services. Herein lies the true potential of your book.


It’s now time to stamp your authority in your niche. With our unstoppable Bestseller Marketing guarantee, we create and distribute thousands of press releases, all in the interest of making you a Bestselling Author across numerous categories and countries, complete with updated cover to reflect this achievement. This will give you the authority in your niche to sell your book and services as a Bestselling author.



Detailing the must-have elements for inclusion in your lead-generating book to allow you to develop a trusting, expert relationship with your readers, so that you can capture their details and nurture them back into your business.

* We would never share or sell your data to any third parties.

Is Onyx Publishing Right For You?



At its birth in 2013, Notebook Group Limited was a publisher centred on the publication of fiction. Its turnkey publishing solution provided authors with the first ever truly hybrid publishing model, coupling 100% royalties and complete rights with professional publication standards. This meant authors were no longer forced to choose between being able to retain their rights and royalties, as presented by self-publishing (with the drawback of poor standards of publication and distribution) and high-quality publication, as offered by traditional publishing (with the drawback of sacrificed rights and royalties).

Our unique model, impeccable standards and reputation soon led to an abundance of clients requesting non-fiction publication. As a result, we directed our attention to providing laser-focused publishing solutions for the purposes of lead-generation, as written by entrepreneurs and high-achieving professionals.  

This turnkey solution is now delivered by a large expert team, all with decades’ worth of experience in all aspects of lead-generating non-fiction planning and writing, as well as the publication process as a whole, including structural editing, content editing, proofreading, typesetting, index-creation, lead-generation, publication, distribution and Bestseller Marketing. 


Not Standing Out
Your Competitors

Without global availability across major retail outlets, such as the likes of Barnes & Noble, Chapters and Waterstones, you're viewed as just another Amazon author, while your competition sets themselves and their business apart with professional publication, credibility and status.

Leaving Money,
Leads and Growth
On the Table

Failure to strike the right balance across every element of your book means its full power as a marketing tool is lost. This can mean your business's bottom line loses potentially millions by failing to organically capture, nurture and redirect self-qualifying leads into your business.

Failing to Unlock
Your Book's
Full Potential

Opting for anything but a professional publishing house dedicated to high-converting, lead-generating non-fiction will not do your book justice. Winging the publication process and outsourcing to non-industry experts will lead to poor standards that leave you lagging behind your competitors.




When you choose Onyx to ghostwrite your book, you get:

  • Complete book-blueprinting and planning
  • Monthly 1:1 calls with your ghostwriter to gather raw material
  • 50,000 words, written for you and publication-ready
  • Subtle lead-gen, baked in throughout
  • Professional guidance with in-book lead-generation resources
  • Complete rights to the manuscript
  • Complete anonymity and confidentiality
  • Inclusive of complimentary Professional Publication.


When you choose Onyx to publish your book, you get:

  • A dedicated team based in both London, UK, and the USA
  • Access to our team of professionals inside the Onyx portal
  • Your own designated Cover Designer and Copyeditor
  • Customised, full cover design, in line with our exclusive and copyrighted system
  • Professional content editing, structural editing, line editing and proofreading
  • Subtle lead-gen, baked in throughout
  • Professional typesetting and interior formatting in line with industry standards
  • Contents and Index creation
  • Global availability across major retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Waterstones, etc.
  • Availability in paperback, hardcover and eBook
  • A comprehensive first step into marketing, focused on achieving Bestseller status
  • A second edition with Bestseller status incorporated
  • Complete rights to your book and all elements
  • 100% royalties
  • To avoid uncertainty and Impostor Syndrome, and wasting countless hours doing it alone…
  • An industry award-winning publishing house in your corner…
  • And so much more.

BLUEPRINTING WITH MENTORING (12-WEEK PROGRAM) Next enrolment commencing October 25, 2021)

When you choose Onyx to help you blueprint and plan your book, you get:

  • Exclusive access to The Non-Fiction Success Blueprinting Program™, as created by our Founder, for 12 months
  • 1 x 30-minute 1:1 session with one of our Blueprinting experts
  • Accompanying workbooks and checklists to keep you moving forward
  • Access to our Blueprinting Facebook group (exclusive to our Blueprinting clients) for 12 months
  • Group Blueprinting Coaching calls every 2 weeks for accountability and training
  • Access to all past Group Blueprinting Coaching Calls
  • Email support with our team of Blueprinting experts for content and progress review
  • Accountability check-ins to ensure your book actually gets mapped out
  • Professional guidance with in-book lead-generation resources
  • Your lead-generating non-fiction book planned and mapped out, without the overwhelm…


When you partner with Onyx Publishing, you get:

  • Exclusive access to The Non-Fiction Success Blueprinting Program™, as created by our Founder, for 12 months
  • Accompanying workbooks and checklists to keep you moving forward
  • Access to our Blueprinting Facebook group (exclusive to our Blueprinting clients) for 12 months.


Detailing the must-have elements for inclusion in your lead-generating book to allow you to develop a trusting, expert relationship with your readers, so that you can capture their details and nurture them into your business.

* We would never share or sell your data to any third parties.


In essence, it is a marketing platform with the aims of generating leads and boosting authority. When done properly, a lead-gen book attracts in your ideal clients in the form of readers (who pay to become leads). The reader is nurtured as you, the author and expert in your field, tell your story, showcase your expertise, and take them on a transformational journey. This warms the reader and gets them to know, like and trust you, at which stage they are encouraged to take the relationship they have built with you to the next level (by opting into an offer or even just engaging with you beyond the pages of the book). 

We are laser-focused on helping entrepreneurs and high-achieving professionals to write and publish non-fiction that can grow their business. As such, we focus solely on non-fiction written for the clients of business owners, coaches and consultants, mentors, thought leaders and speakers. 

We understand that not everyone feels like they have a flair for writing, and the thoughts of writing a book can feel daunting and overwhelming, even if it’s a no-brainer for your business. This is why we have a team of professionals to guide you every step of the way, whether through book-planning, -writing, -publishing, or even matching you with the perfect ghostwriter.

Absolutely! We are passionate about the huge potential of lead-generating non-fiction books and we know they work. If you trust in us, as the professionals, to guide you through the process and incorporate our recommendations, your book will attract in your ideal clients, nurture them, and redirect them back into your business as paying clients. 

No. Each of our programs and solutions has been carefully designed to provide more than enough time to progress through each process and with consideration to people’s ever-changing circumstances. Although each of our services differs in terms of the period of access, you can expect at least 12 months as a minimum, with extended periods able to be added on at any time.

Yes! We have in place a detailed process focused on achieving Bestseller status for you and your book. Our campaign runs throughout the pre-order period of your book and directly after publication. In addition, as a wider network achieves greater exposure and better results for your book, we’ll also send marketing materials through to you and ask you to get involved at various stages!

Absolutely. Whether you’re working with us to blueprint/plan, write and publish your book, or even have it ghostwritten, you will have a team of experts here to guide you, answer your questions and keep you moving forward. We want to get you over the Finish line just as much as you do.  

Of course. Trust in our expertise, and we’ll ensure your book is crafted in the very best way to enhance your authority and status in your niche, up-level your credibility, attract in your ideal clients, grow your business, and be a book you can be proud of for years to come.

Absolutely. Every member of our team is highly skilled, well-equipped and experienced, and our ghostwriters are no exception: all are proficient in gathering the raw material they need and transforming it into a lead-attracting, transformational story that does justice to your knowledge, years of experience, passion and clients’ pain points.

Absolutely. If you are working with us to create a lead-generating non-fiction for the purposes of growing your business and expanding your network, you may choose to make the required investment from your annual marketing budget.  

Simply book in a zero-pressure call with a member of our team. It’s that simple! 


Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business owners, coaches, mentors, speakers, thought leaders, and other professionals… Every high-level business professional can benefit from having a book to showcase their expertise, and attract and nurture their ideal clients. 

From book-planning and lead-gen incorporation, all the way through to professional publication, global distribution and availability in electronic and physical format, we’ve got you covered.

The only question is: Are you ready to finally get your book planned, written, published, and working for you and your business? 

Onyx Publishing’s global retail, wholesale and distribution channels provide
every one of our authors with the very best pathway to success
Onyx Publishing’s global retail, wholesale and distribution channels provide every one of our authors with the very best pathway to success

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